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Wednesday September 27, 2023
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Platform: Wii U
Reviewed on PC

Minecraft now at over 200 million copies sold

Franchise continues to grow, 126 million players active monthly

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Microsoft and Mojang have announced that Minecraft continues to grow.

There have now been more than 200 million copies of Minecraft sold to date, and 126 million people are now playing Minecraft every month. Back in 2016, the game was at 100 million copies.

2020 also saw the rollout of Minecraft Earth, the release of the RTX beta for Windows 10, and closing out 2019 as the most viewed game on YouTube. Minecraft Dungeons is set to launch on May 26, and a free Nether update is coming to Minecraft this Summer.

In celebration of Minecraft’s birthday, the company unveiled an updated logo, visual identity, and refreshed name – Mojang Studios – which unifies dual studios in Redmond and Stockholm.

Minecraft started out on PC in 2009, and has since been released on a multitude of game platforms.


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Reviewed on PC
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