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ID@Xbox program marks 1000 game milestone

Landmark number reached for the indie-focused initiative

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Microsoft has announced that more than 1000 games have been released with the help of the ID@Xbox program.

First revealed in 2013, the initiative was meant to help smaller developers with their games and launch them on the Xbox and Windows platforms. The program is now home to thousands of talented people working at more than 3,000 studios independently creating games.

Games launched through the program include Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, Fullbright’s Tacoma, playdead’s INSIDE, Chucklefish’s Stardew Valley, Matt Makes Games’ Celeste, Team17’s Overcooked 2, and more.

Some upcoming titles in the program feature Slow Bros.’s Harold Halibut, Capybara Games’ Below, Aurora 44’s Ashen, Black Desert from Pearl Abyss and Sable from Shedworks.


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