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Platform: PC

New Booster Pack for City of Heroes

Genetic mutations arrive with latest DLC

Posted on
Paragon Studios continues its series of successful City of Heroes downloadable content packs today with the release of Super Booster V: Mutant. Available through the NCsoft online store, the Mutant-themed booster pack layers on even more customization options for players, bringing new costume sets, emotes and a new power that shows how truly evolved a mutant hero or villain can be.

The Super Booster V: Mutant downloadable content pack features the following in-game items:
  • Bioluminescent and Organic Armor costume sets with unearthly, freakish costume pieces to create the ultimate mutant hero or villain
  • Two new emotes, Growl and Show-Off
  • Three new costume change emotes including Energy Morph, Rapid Boil and Dimension Shift
  • Secondary Mutation: A brand-new power that allows players to barely harness the power locked within their DNA. It usually unleashes a random buff.
The Super Booster V: Mutant pack retails for $9.99 and is available exclusively through the NCsoft online store.
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