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New Splatoon 2 features revealed

Nintendo provides a rundown of what fans can expect from the sequel

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As part of a special Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct presentation this week, Nintendo has highlighted some of the game’s new features, new weapons, new locations and, more.

In Splatoon 2, Inklings can be customized to fit the player’s taste. Things like eye color, hair style and skin tone can all be adjusted when creating a character. There are also new shirts, shoes and hats.

Equipping gear in Splatoon 2 will give players special abilities. Each piece of gear has certain abilities, and there are even additional abilities that appear as players use the gear more and more in battle. Players can also update gear with abilities that reduce ink consumption or help them move faster – some will even decrease respawn time.

Other features coming to Splatoon 2 include a menu that lets players change the sensitivity of the controls separately for TV and Handheld mode, amiibo functionality and the ability to post drawings directly to social media.

Also featured in the sequel is Salmon Run, a new local- and online-multiplayer mode for up to four players working together to defeat bosses and collect Power Eggs in a limited amount of time. Each match in Salmon Run lasts for three waves, with players having to collect a select number of Power Eggs to advance to the next wave – and at least one player on the team has to stay alive.

Like the first Splatoon, Splatoon 2 promises a continuing rollout of updates to the game. These updates will take the form of new weapons, like the umbrella-shaped Brella, new gear and additional stages.

Splatoon 2 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 21.

Splatoon 2

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