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Platform: Switch

Nintendo releases new details about Arms

The upcoming Switch game will feature a variety of modes and characters

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Nintendo has announced new details about its upcoming ARMS game for the Nintendo Switch console.

The game will feature 10 key playable fighters in ARMS, each has his or her own fighting style. After selecting a character, players will have the opportunity to equip two ARMS, one on the right and one on the left. These ARMS range from standard fists to things like boomerangs and missiles, offering a wide variety of close- and long-range attacks, as well as offensive and defensive options. As players fight through ARMS, they will rack up in-game currency for use at the ARMS Getter, where players can use their skills to earn new ARMS and the ability to upgrade previously owned ones.

ARMS will have a variety of modes, including Fight. In this main multiplayer mode, two fighters battle against each other one-on-one to claim victory. In Team Fight mode, two players are attached by strings and must team up to battle another team of two. V-Ball mode is a sport that involves knocking an explosive ball into the opponent’s court. In Hoops, grab opponents and shoot them into the net. Other modes include Skillshot, 1-on-100, and Training.

Players have a variety of multiplayer connection options, including Grand Prix, Party Match, Ranked Match, and Local Wireless Mode. Like Splatoon 2 and Splatoon before it, ARMS is offering free trial periods to try out the game and get a taste of what it’s like before launch. But instead of a Global Testfire, these free demos will naturally be called the Global Testpunch. The first blocks of time will be allocated throughout the weekend of May 26-28, and the second blocks on June 2-4.

ARMS launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 16.

Arms game

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ARMS - Reveal Trailer
Posted: Jan 21, 2017 22:38
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