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Slavic Nations DLC launches for Total War: Attila

Slavs are paid DLC alongside some free content for grand strategy game

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SEGA has announced the release of the Slavic Nations Culture Pack for Total War: Attila. The Anteans, Sclavenians and Venedians may be used in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer battles.

A hardy and mobile people, often seen as the last defence against the Huns, the Slavs range far and wide across the blasted Steppe to recolonise and bring new life to the abandoned earth. When conflict occurs, they release poison arrows on their foes. Whether through diplomacy or conflict, they offer the perfect counter to the Hunnic threat, and introduce a number of unique ways to play.

To mark the release, all Total War: Attila owners will get access to the new Garamantes faction for free. In the dying light of the 4th century, the Garamantians occupy a unique position. From their north African strongholds, they can attack the now-troubled Roman Empire, forging their own path in the west, or strike out into the seas to explore the unknown.

Total War: Attila is available for PC via Steam.

Total War: Attila

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Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila
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Total War: Attila
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Total War: Attila
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