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Friday September 29, 2023
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The Witness surpasses 100k copies sold

Sales milestone reached after a week, generating over $5 million in revenue

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In a new developer blog, creator Jonathan Blow has said that puzzle game The Witness has sold more than 100,000 units.

Substantially more, to be exact. There is no platform breakdown of sales between PC and PS4, but the total gross revenue in the first week is over $5 million USD and the split is about even. This is more revenue in one week than Braid made in its entire first year, from August 2008 to September 2009.

"Because our development budget was so high, $5 million in revenue is not enough to recover it yet (because we split that revenue with the storefronts, we have to subtract VAT in Europe, etc). However, it is looking like, as time goes on, we should break even and make a comfortable safety margin on top of that, which will allow us to make more nice games in the future — unless some kind of world economic disaster happens," reads the blog.

The current focus is on providing technical support for users and listening to feedback. Later on, there are potential plans for iOS, Android, Xbox One, and OS X versions of the game.

The Witness was released January 26, 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.

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The Witness

The Witness

The Witness

The Witness
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The Witness is ranked #307 out of 1910 total reviewed games. It is ranked #19 out of 138 games reviewed in 2016.
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