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Platform: PlayStation 4
Reviewed on PC

Battlefield 4 getting Legacy Operations DLC

Re-imagined map Dragon Valley 2015 coming soon to the multiplayer shooter

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DICE and EA have announced the upcoming release of Legacy Operations DLC, free for Battlefield 4.

The DLC will include the re-imagined Dragon Valley mpa. This version of the map features increased terrain verticality to closer mimic a real life Chinese river valley – and to give us more terrain occlusion for long distances, especially on the central island. Also added is a dynamic cloud layer, which not only adds a welcomed air-to-ground separation in terms of gameplay, but also helps shroud far distances at ground level. Destructible and repairable bridges, meanwhile, remain in tact.

The Conquest setup has more flags than any other Battlefield 4 map, to mimic the layout of old and get that same type of gameplay. It’s also slightly asymmetrical when it comes to vehicle spawns at flags to mimic the Conquest Assault gameplay. A Rush variation is also included.

Dragon Valley 2015 will be a part of the free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC, which will come out alongside the Holiday Update later this year.

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC only.

Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley 2015

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Reviewed on PC
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Battlefield 4
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