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Wednesday June 12, 2024
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Platform: PC
Reviewed on PlayStation 4

Street Fighter V coming in 2016

Cammy and Birdie join the roster of fighting game

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Announced at the PlayStation E3 2015 press conference at E3, Cammy and Birdie will be joining the roster of Street Fighter V.

Cammy has been a staple of the Street Fighter series since Super Street Fighter II, and returns faster and stronger than ever before. Utilizing a wide variety of quick ground and aerial attacks to pressure her opponents, her rush down style is aimed at offensive-minded players everywhere.

Birdie makes his return, having last appeared in the Alpha series more than 10 years ago. When we last saw him, he was a henchman for Shadaloo and was definitely in better shape. Completely redesigned and reimagined, Birdie’s comedic look masks the power packed behind every move. With access to long-range chain attacks as well as up-close command grabs, Birdie is a threat from every distance.

The first online beta test for Street Fighter V will be PS4 exclusive, and begins on July 23rd, for a period of 5 days, until July 28th. In North America, fans who pre-order the game through select retailers or PSN will be granted automatic access to the beta.

Street Fighter V will be releasing in Spring 2016, for PlayStation 4 as well as PC.

Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V
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Street Fighter V
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Our Review of Street Fighter V
Reviewed on PlayStation 4
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Street Fighter V (PlayStation 4) is ranked #1423 out of 1982 total reviewed games. It is ranked #101 out of 138 games reviewed in 2016.
1423. Street Fighter V
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