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Wednesday May 22, 2024
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Final Trials Fusion DLC released

Final of six planned packs for the Season Pass

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Ubisoft has announced the release of After the Incident, the final of six planned downloadable content packs for Trials Fusion Season Pass.

The DLC brings to the game 10 new tracks, 24 challenges, five trophies, and new objects for the track editor. In After the Incident players investigate the causes of the disaster that have divested Earth. Riders must proceed with caution as they navigate through ruined cities and devastated ecosystems.

The Season Pass is still available for $19.99. Season Pass holders will receive immediate access to After the Incident as well as the previous five DLC packs. Riders without the Season Pass will be able purchase After the Incident for $4.99.

Developed by RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev, Trials Fusion has sold over 1.7 million copies since its release on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4 in April 2014.

Trials Fusion After the Incident

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Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion
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Trials Fusion
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Trials Fusion
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