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 Game  Genre Release
 PC  Shooter 389 days
Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3 finds Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embarking on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unlea [...]

Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
 PC  Adventure 2014-08-21
Shadowgate is one of the most well-known point-and-click adventure titles in gaming history. Thrust into the role of "The Seed of Prophecy," players travel deep into the living [...]

Publisher: Zojoi
Developer: Zojoi
Rating: 65%
 PC  RPG 2013-07-25
Shadowrun Returns
The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk am [...]

Publisher: Harebrained Schemes
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Rating: 68%
 PC  RPG 2014-09-18
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut is a standalone release of Harebrained Schemes' Dragonfall campaign, which first premiered as a major expansion for Shadowrun Returns. The Dir [...]

Publisher: Harebrained Schemes
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Rating: 78%
 PC  RPG 2015-08-20
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the third standalone game in Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun cRPG series. Experience an all new crew, expanded magic and cyberware, a completely revamped Matrix, [...]

Publisher: Harebrained Schemes
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
 PC  Stealth 2016-05-17
Shadwen is a stealth-action game where the only rule is to remain unseen. Stay hidden - or the ruthless guards will kill you on sight. Shadwen, an assassin on a quest to kill the king, h [...]

Publisher: Frozenbyte
Developer: Frozenbyte
Rating: 70%
 PC  Arcade 2010-10-26
Shank is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up developed by Klei Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game features both melee and ranged combat, as well as some acrobatic gamepl [...]

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Klei Entertainment
 PC  Arcade 2012-02-07
Shank 2
Set in a pulp fiction world, Shank 2 puts players back in control of their favorite ex-mobster hitman, Shank. Klei has evolved the combat experience with precise controls, new weapons, sm [...]

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Klei Entertainment
 PC  Platformer 2020-05-28
Shantae and the Seven Sirens
Formerly referred to as Shantae 5, Shantae and the Seven Sirens sends the belly-dancing, hair-whipping, half-genie hero to a tropical island where Shantae and her friends encounter other [...]

Publisher: WayForward Technologies
Developer: WayForward Technologies
 PC  Platformer 2016-12-20
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
When a mysterious crime wave sweeps Sequin Land, it’s up to Half-Genie Hero Shantae to save the day. Use Shantae’s devastating Hair-Whip Attack to send monsters flying, or Bel [...]

Publisher: WayForward Technologies
Developer: WayForward Technologies
 PC  Puzzle 2010-03-15
Shatter is a video game developed and published by Sidhe Interactive for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Store, and for the PC via Steam and Onlive. Shatter is a reimagining of the [...]

Publisher: Sidhe Interactive
Developer: Sidhe Interactive
 PC  Adventure 2013-03-18
Shattered Haven
Shattered Haven is an environmental puzzle game about family, grit, and survival. Grays roam the land, largely in the absence of human interference. These aren't your typical Zed - theirs [...]

Publisher: Arcen Games
Developer: Arcen Games
Rating: 69%
 PC  Shooter 2009-11-04
Shattered Horizon
Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer first-person shooter where players fight in zero gravity surrounded by the broken remains of Earth's orbital infrastructure and billions of tons of rock [...]

Publisher: Valve Software
Developer: Futuremark Games Studio
 PC  Action 2019-11-19
Shenmue 3
In this third installment of the Shenmue series, Ryo seeks to solve the mystery behind the Phoenix Mirror, an artifact sought after by his father’s killer. His journey takes him to [...]

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Ys Net
 PC  Adventure 2021-11-16
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a third-person, open-world story-driven detective thriller and acts as a prequel in the world-renowned detective’s personal story. A re-imagining of w [...]

Publisher: Frogwares
Developer: Frogwares
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Halo Infinite PC
December 8, 2021

Dying Light 2 PC
February 4, 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction PC
January 20, 2022

Elden Ring PC
February 25, 2022

Weird West PC
January 11, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise PC
January 12, 2022

Total War: Warhammer III PC
February 17, 2022

Gear Club Unlimited 2 PC
December 14, 2021

Sifu PC
February 8, 2022

Elex 2 PC
March 1, 2022


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1. Halo Infinite
7 days
2. Gear Club Unlimited 2
35 days
3. Weird West
36 days
4. Monster Hunter Rise
38 days
5. God of War
44 days
6. Rainbow Six Extraction
59 days
7. Dying Light 2
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