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Medal of Honor

Also known as: Medal of Honor (2010)
They are living, breathing, precision instruments of war. They are experts in the application of violence. The new Medal of Honor is inspired by and has been developed with Tier 1 Operators from this elite community. Players will step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan. There is a new enemy.
Medal of Honor soundtrack collection released - May 2, 2011 13:14
8-disc limited edition soundtrack from the shooter series is released

Medal of Honor expands with new multiplayer DLC - Oct 27, 2010 12:30
New free multiplayer maps and modes coming soon

Medal of Honor sells 1.5 million during first week - Oct 19, 2010 14:29
Free multiplayer DLC is also on the way

Medal of Honor deploys to retail - Oct 12, 2010 12:36
Medal of Honor is in stores today

Medal of Honor Pre-orders set franchise record - Sep 30, 2010 09:57
Medal of Honor has set a new franchise record, hitting the highest number of pre-sell units in the franchise’s 11-year history

Award Winning Composer to Score Medal of Honor - Sep 28, 2010 10:33
Composer Behind Iron Man, Prison Break and Clash of the Titans creates authentic musical experience for FPS franchise reboot

Medal of Honor beta feedback evaluated - Aug 24, 2010 11:43
EA Community manager reveals what changes have been implemented to the game since the beta

EA and Linkin Park join forces for Medal of Honor - Jul 28, 2010 13:31
Linkin Park to headline in-game soundtrack

Medal of Honor Limited Edition announced - Jul 13, 2010 14:30
Players Exclusive In-Game Content for the same price

Medal of Honor Beta Enters Phase 2 - Jul 1, 2010 15:43
Beta Coming Soon to Microsoft Xbox 360

Medal of Honor special edition for PS3 - Jun 15, 2010 23:17
E3 2010: The PS3 version of the upcoming shooter gets a little something extra

Medal of Honor multiplayer beta announced - Jun 15, 2010 23:02
E3 2010: EA Wants You! Recruiting Begins for Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta on June 21

New Medal of Honor dated - May 5, 2010 15:07
EA Announces ‘Medal of Honor’ Returns to Battle in October

Medal of Honor reboot announced - Dec 2, 2009 17:23
EA's FPS series returns next year, ditching WWII in favour of war-torn Afghanistan. Singleplayer by EA LA, Multiplayer by DICE
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Game Screens
Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor box art Platform:
PlayStation 3
Our Review of Medal of Honor
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Game Ranking
Medal of Honor is ranked #261 out of 1689 total reviewed games. It is ranked #30 out of 107 games reviewed in 2010.
260. FIFA Manager 10
261. Medal of Honor
262. Medal of Honor
Xbox 360
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Medal of Honor
12 images added Jun 21, 2010 01:28
Medal of Honor - Extended Trailer
Posted: Mar 15, 2010 14:01
Medal of Honor Leave A Message
Posted: May 7, 2010 20:27
Medal of Honor - Live Action trailer
Posted: Aug 1, 2010 15:35
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