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Monday May 27, 2024
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Platform: Xbox One
Reviewed on PC

Witcher 3

Also known as: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In The Witcher 3 an ancient evil stirs, awakening. An evil that sows terror and abducts the young. An evil whose name is spoken only in whispers: the Wild Hunt. Led by four wraith commanders, this ravenous band of phantoms is the ultimate predator and has been for centuries. Its quarry: humans. The witcher must bring all his abilities to bear in confronting this ancient force, these ghastly spectral riders who for ages have brought misery to the world. For this time the Hunt seeks just one person: the one individual Destiny itself entrusted to Geralt. The one soul Geralt considers kin.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review (PC)PC
Jun 6, 2015 22:25
A high water mark not only for the Witcher series, but for the entire genre of open world RPGs

The Witcher 3 Preview - PAX East 2015 (PC)PC
Mar 22, 2015 20:30
We play through part of the prologue from the upcoming RPG

The Witcher 3 Interview - PAX East 2015 (PC)PC
Mar 10, 2015 20:00
We chat with Damien Monnier, Senior Gameplay Designer of the upcoming open world RPG

The Witcher 3 Preview - E3 2014 (PC)PC
Jun 22, 2014 22:30
We get another look at the upcoming RPG

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Preview - E3 2013 (PC)PC
Jun 19, 2013 21:11
We get the first look at the older Geralt and his new open world adventure
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Witcher 3

Witcher 3

Witcher 3
Witcher 3
Witcher 3 box art Platform:
Xbox One
Our Review of Witcher 3
Reviewed on PC
Game Ranking
Witcher 3 (PC) is ranked #14 out of 1980 total reviewed games. It is currently our top ranked game released in 2015! (111 in total)
14. Witcher 3
15. Antichamber
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