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Sunday June 23, 2024
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Platform: Xbox One
Reviewed on PC

Dark Alliance

Also known as: Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Featuring real-time combat and dynamic co-op gameplay, Dark Alliance pits Drizzt Do’Urden and his companions – Catti-brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar – against monsters from the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Game Screens
Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance
Dark Alliance
Dark Alliance box art Platform:
Xbox One
Our Review of Dark Alliance
Reviewed on PC
Game Ranking
Dark Alliance (PC) is ranked #1946 out of 1983 total reviewed games. It is ranked #103 out of 106 games reviewed in 2021.
1945. Lost Angel
1946. Dark Alliance
1947. Aery - Calm Mind
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