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Something old, something new ngn v2.0 (Blog)

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Today we opened the doors to our new website at

We have moved to a new content management system that we felt was much better at handling game news, related articles. We have spent a few weeks modifying it for our needs, there will still be additional changes over the next little while, the main parts are there. We will be continually adding to the site.

Our old site was PC focused but we have decided to branch out to console land. This naturally means much more work for our small staff of volunteers. So we are seeking contributors, we are looking at anybody who can do reviews, articles, media and / or news for ps3, wii, 360 and pc. Understanding of course that there is no payment only the reward of being able to publish your own work and be part of a gamer's website. You can pm me here or take a look at the thread over at our new site.

To everybody who registered on our old site, unfortunately you will have to register again. Hopefully you do, we expect to be sticking with this system for a while and add things as we go.


I haven't been gaming a lot because I've been putting a lot of time into the new website. I did manage to get through Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. The game is about 4 years old now so I'm a late starter. I have to be brutally honest and say that I did not like it much at all. I suspect it's just not my type of game. I found the AI abnormally bad, I thought the flanking strategies for much of the game were shallow and obvious. I wasn't really sold on the gun mechanics and thought the story was trying far too hard and didn't capture me one bit.

The only thing I really liked was the music and the unlockable history stuff. It did get lots of good scores and lots of gamers like it but I sadly did not. I also just tried some Earned in Blood but the game seems almost identical so I don't think I'll bother going through it.


I preordered Red Faction Guerilla on Direct2Drive which includes RF1 and RF2. Although I've heard some horror stories about the latter it was a pretty good deal for $39.95 USD. Incidentally Steam was going to charge me $69.99 USD for the exact same package.

It gets worse.. IMPULSE was going to charge me $83 USD for the exact same deal. Double the price of direct2drive just a few mouse clicks away. Now I don't know what the problem here is. People keep saying Publishers set the prices - but how does Direct2Drive manage to secure the exact same deal for half the price? It's completely ridiculous to have these absurd regional prices. Steam is doing it with the direct USD to Euro conversion.

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