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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review

Another military shooter with an uncreative campaign and a healthy focus on multiplayer.

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Friendly AI happens to be less useful than an indoor sundial. They rarely engage opposing forces in a meaningful way, typically shooting inaccurately at impenetrable cover. They prefer to stay behind the action to avoid being seen altogether. When the enemy AI rushes your position, it will be a miracle if your bearded buddies help out. Instead you’ll have time to reload, absorb 10 bullets to the face and shoot them yourself. Towards the end of the campaign, friendly soldiers run through solid objects like they weren’t even there. The friendly AI regularly breaks the authenticity and distracts from the shooting.

The shooting in Warfighter is competent and feels similar to Battlefield 3. The weapons have slick animations but the pacing is more deliberate than in BF3. Guns overuse sights and have high recoil to encourage fire mode switching. It’s a shame you don’t spend the entire campaign with agreeable loadouts. If you are the type of player who likes to change weapons, you’ll get annoyed quickly. Enemy weapons disappear after cut scenes or door breaches. Some even vanish when you switch back to your standard arsenal. It takes some time to acclimatize to the weaponry in Warfighter.

Medal of Honor Warfighter
Is this a shooter or Pacman meets Need for Speed?

There are two spots during the campaign where you forgo weapons and get behind the wheel in first person. Both vehicle segments, which use a different version of the Frostbite 2 engine, may jarringly switch display resolutions. These driving missions provide some high octane excitement for short stints. They don’t involve any shooting, just pure driving and ramming into other vehicles. The Pacman like hide and seek component during the second sequence is ineffective. It is rather telling that these driving missions are the best parts in this shooter’s single player.

It’s fortunate that the multiplayer is the superior component in Warfighter. Soldiers from different countries compete alongside each other in familiar multiplayer modes. Different countries, and weapons, are unlocked for each class as you rank up. Playing the game earns you tokens that can be pledged to support your nation. The nation unlock system is an interesting idea that brings some themed customisation to classes. It’s a shame the attachment unlock system is near incomprehensible. The core of the multiplayer is predictable but it remains enjoyable.

The Fireteam setup changes the multiplayer structure slightly. A Fireteam consists of two individuals who can help each other during battle. The pair is able to heal, resupply and even spawn on one another. Staying in cover, so your buddy can spawn, increases your chances of victory. If your friend is killed, do you pursue vengeance to bring him back faster or wait for him to respawn by your side? You’ll want to remain near your Fireteam buddy, even if they aren’t very good. You’ll also see pairs of enemies instead of solo players. The downside is you will feel disadvantaged without a buddy and sad if he leaves mid match. The Fireteam system promotes cohesion and immediate teamwork between pairs.

Medal of Honor Warfighter
Contrary to this screenshot, flying is not a special ability in multiplayer

Player classes cater for a broad range of player styles. There is the slow moving Demolition class who can equip a helmet to absorb damage at the cost of manoeuvrability. On the other end of the scale, the agile Spec Ops class can briefly see through walls. Each class has a special ability that helps differentiate them from the group. Snipers can deploy a bipod to spot enemies and the Point Man equips a powerful magazine to gain an edge in battle. Most of the weapons and abilities are fairly well balanced. Regardless of your play style, there is a class to suit.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter
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