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Platform: PC

Deponia Review

A good game with only a couple of flaws which prevent it from being excellent

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When it comes to gameplay Deponia uses the classic old-school point and click adventure style, using the left and right mouse buttons to interact with objects and other characters. In the very beginning there is a small introduction/tutorial explaining the main controls of the game to the player. There is also an option to open the inventory using the mouse wheel, which is definitely a welcome additionl; even though it may seem like not much, it is really handy when you need to interact with objects. To assist the player in their ‘pixel hunting’ there is also the option to highlight all the hot-spots in an area by hitting the space button. The majority of the game’s puzzles involve finding and combining items. The difficulty and logic of the puzzles vary; the player is required to use their imagination in order to solve some puzzles, and they also need to pay attention to both the environment and things mentioned in the game dialogues in order to get a clue on what they need to do. On the downside, some of the puzzles are completely out-there and don’t seem to make any sense or have a logical basis, even after we have solved them.


The game also features a number of mini-games which mainly involve the fixing or creating of a certain key item. The mini-games and are fun but also a bit challenging so there is an option for the player to completely skip them if they wish. Unfortunately there is one major issue with Deponia that can affect the gameplay significantly if one happens to come across it. A bug causes inventory items to sometimes vanish and also makes the cursor completely invisible when a certain item is selected, leaving the player with the option to blindly try and guess where the cursor/item is on their screen or reload a previous savegame. An online search shows that quite a few people have faced such a bug, which is unfortunate, as it takes away from an otherwise great game experience.


Daedalic has certainly given us a few excellent adventure games in the past and Deponia is unquestionably one of them. The title has a great story with smart and witty humor, pleasantly weird characters and a very unusual love story. The graphics look gorgeous and full of details and the animation manages to look good and run smooth even in high resolutions. One could argue that some of the game’s puzzles could have made more sense but that wouldn’t be much of an issue if the game did not suffer from a couple of annoying bugs which will hopefully be fixed by an upcoming patch. Additionally the ending could have been less rushed and still maintain the anticipation for the sequel, but of course one cannot reach a definite conclusion for that part until the sequel is finally released. In general, Deponia does not disappoint, as in the end it is a good game with only a couple of flaws which prevent it from being excellent.

Our ratings for Deponia on PC out of 100 (Ratings FAQ)
The hand-drawn graphics and animations look gorgeous and reek of detail. The characters and settings are amazing and the voice actors do a great job.
While the game’s mechanisms are quite good and have a solid structure, a couple of bugs take away from the experience. Some puzzles make little sense but in general Deponia is still a quite enjoyable game.
Single Player
An overall solid adventure game, the player has the option to skip certain mini-games if they wish and to reveal all key items available in a location, making things easier for people who want to enjoy the story without much challenge.
The game runs smoothly and looks great on most systems. The overall mechanisms are quite player friendly and work well, only a couple of issues set the title back.
A unique 2d animated adventure game with great characters and storyline, besides a couple of issues, Deponia is certainly a worthwhile title.
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Our Review of Deponia
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Game Ranking
Deponia is ranked #468 out of 1799 total reviewed games. It is ranked #54 out of 145 games reviewed in 2012.
467. ZombiU
Wii U
468. Deponia
469. NHL 14
PlayStation 3
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