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Platform: Xbox 360

Dragon's Dogma Review

One part Devil May Cry, two parts Skyrim, this action-RPG makes a noble effort, but doesn't quite rise to the task

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On a related note, the game’s presentation is sorely lacking. While the game is not graphically advanced, the polygon counts are low and the textures of people can often seem greasy or plastic, the low graphical quality is not usually an issue, though expect your immersion to sprout a few split hairs during dialog, when you’re forced to stare into the dead eyes of a robotic, stale-faced NPC.
The real issue in the game’s presentation, besides a delightfully Jim Henson-esque dragon, is its own straight-faced fantasy nature, never stepping outside the boundaries of its own setting. This would be no problem, were the game more immersive or involving. The problem lies with the fact that Dragon’s Dogma wants to be a blood-pumping motorcycle crash of a game, and the brown, dull gray mountains and uniformly gray castles of faux-Western Europe don’t cut it. While the excessive bloom of the current generation is annoying, it’s at least vibrant, but Dragon’s Dogma lacks any polish or eye catching moments to call its own.
Dragon's Dogma
All in all, Dragon’s Dogma is a game of good ideas in bad places. The slight-multiplayer aspect is interesting and occasionally brings the ally-system a little closer to home in value, but not enough is done with the idea to liven up the system as anything but a constantly updating list of available helpers. The combat is fun and intense, but Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t know what to do with it overall. The system works as a puzzle piece, colorful and interesting, but belonging to an altogether different puzzle. Aspects of the game trying to reach rock-metal, insane and intense levels are forced down by sullen and overused fantasy tropes.
Keep your eyes out for a sequel, if it ever wants to fix itself up and become a more conducive and entertaining experience, it would surely be gold amongst copper, but for the time being, Dragon’s Dogma is a lackluster experience, not bad enough to throw away, but not good enough to see to its conclusion.

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Ugly graphical quality is not usually an inhibitor to a game with the panache, polish and ambition to bring forward a level of color and unique art direction to surpass its budget. Too bad Dragonís Dogma lacks that ambition as well.
The combat is unabashedly smooth and cool to watch, even moreso to play, enough canít be said for a modern RPG with its eyes toward battles that rely on skill and reflexes rather than watching numbers attack each other. Thereís not enough of the combat to save the experience though.
Single Player
A lack of direction in a video game can often lead to a grand exploration element. With the bars shackled tightly on its exploration however, the game feels unfocused and lacking true substance. RPGs have certainly been handled worse, but Dragonís Dogma needed to decide its emphasis before release, and as a result, the open world and the main quest are equally mediocre.
Never, during the critical testing period of Dragonís Dogma, did it chug or flicker, and the graphical quality remained consistent. The loading times are long, but donít reach irritable levels.
Dragonís Dogma is a curiosity best kept to a rental or a loan. A dud of a game with the occasionally shining moment of intensity or glory, quickly reduced to an ill-defined mish-mash of running around, bad dialog, and a giant sandbox thatís been replaced by wood chips and tedium.
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Dragon's Dogma
Dragon's Dogma box art Platform:
Xbox 360
Our Review of Dragon's Dogma
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Dragon's Dogma is ranked #1281 out of 1520 total reviewed games. It is ranked #124 out of 145 games reviewed in 2012.
1280. PowerUp Heroes
Xbox 360
1281. Dragon's Dogma
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Dragon's Dogma
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