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Shoot Many Robots Review

A likeable retro throwback to the classic side scrolling action era

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While the game can be played solo, it can be quite difficult. Shoot Many Robots, however, is a very multiplayer-focused game. With up to four players online, you can take on the campaign and enemy waves. Things get more interesting as the game throws more enemies in your path, things become generally more chaotic. Some cooperative gameplay mechanics also exist, like reviving downed teammates or combining weapons – for example using a flamethrower to melt enemies that have been frozen by a freeze gun by a teammate. A local player joining coop is also supported.
Shoot Many Robots
Shoot Many Robots is a title that leans towards retro experiences, and the presentation is no different. Most of the country-style soundtrack is minimalistic and often looped in the background, though it's not that noticeable. The game features a cel-shaded look, akin to Borderlands and Rage. Its characters and animations have a rather cartoony style; though overall it works and looks well enough to cover up the relatively low resolution of textures. Style is evident in the gameplay as well – from weapon names to clothing accessories, bits of humor can be found throughout. Weapons are often described with fictitious stats (+10% patriotism for wielding a shotgun or M4), and clothes can be downright silly – backpack with a baby, space helmet, jetpack, and more. While things do look amusing, it’s important to remember that the function of accessories is much more important for a good time than just absurd looks. Wrong combination of weapons and abilities can leave you struggling to get past some levels.
Shoot Many Robots is a title with a simple premise, and does just what it says in the title. It’s a quirky throwback to the days of side scrolling action, with some amusing if not particularly original style thrown in for good measure. Tight controls and a wealth of weapons and items to unlock, the game is quite replayable. Throw in four player coop, and you’ve got yourself quite a good bang for the buck. If you’ve got an itch for a side scrolling shooter and have some friends ready to join, you can’t go wrong with Shoot Many Robots for the asking price.

Our ratings for Shoot Many Robots on PlayStation 3 out of 100 (see how we rate)
A cel-shaded look and mild soundtrack complete the barebones presentation. Even so, the game still has a welcoming feel to it.
A side scrolling action title with tons of things to explode, there's not much else you should need from Shoot Many Robots. Good controls and challenging enemy numbers make for a solid experience.
Single Player
The game can be completed alone, but with ever-increasing difficulty and nobody to revive you, it's just not that much fun.
Playing together with friends is a rewarding and fun experience.
The game runs well, and at a steady frame rate through all of the destruction.
Shoot Many Robots is easily recommended to players with buddies, who can get together and easily have a blast. Enough replay value and enjoyable game mechanics justify the asking price, though if you plan on playing alone it might be better to reconsider.
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Shoot Many Robots
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PlayStation 3
Our Review of Shoot Many Robots
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Shoot Many Robots is ranked #713 out of 1,268 total reviewed games.
712. Syndicate
713. Shoot Many Robots
714. Crysis 3
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Shoot Many Robots
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