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PES 2012 Review

This realism-focused footy title looks good, but stumbles a bit on the pitch

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An incredibly annoying problem with Online Tournaments is that you can start a game at any time, but if the match isn’t finished when the clock hits the hour mark, the game actually boots you from the match and says that qualification is over. It’s obvious that a lot of matches might run into this problem because they begin at quarter to an hour or so, and it is understandable that the match shouldn’t count if it runs past the hour, but to kick players out mid-game is simply a terrible design decision. Developers should note to users in-game that their current match won’t count towards the tournament because the hour has passed, but let us finish the game for goodness’ sake.
Online play is stable in general, and features some nice quirks. Text chat is available, so you can throw taunts or suggestions for your opponents. Pausing the game gives a very safe 90 second window to do whatever is needed, which is a nice change from FIFA’s 30 seconds and players don’t seem to abuse it. The quick chat option which comes up during replays is also neat, but awkwardly placed right on the game screen, making it hard to see the actual replay. Playing online is relatively free of lag, but there seems to be a real lack of players – matchmaking would often find users from another continent altogether.
PES 2012
In contrast to FIFA’s somewhat cartoonish presentation, PES 2012 attempts to employ full visual realism. From authentic EUFA presentations to very life-like looking player faces and emotions, the developers did a good job on this front. The offline play in Legends and Master League includes many cutscenes that take place outside the field of play, such as press presentations, board room settings, and the locker room. These add a very good touch of atmosphere to the experience – even if they are limited and begin to repeat after a while. On the pitch, the cutscenes are actually minimal, instead the game has an annoying habit of making a replay out of every goal and opportunity, forcing you to endlessly hit the skip button. Commentary during play is fairly basic and actually begins to repeat itself due to limited number of lines. The soundtrack during menus is rather quirky, ranging from hard rock to electronic tunes, and with only a small song selection overall.
There’s no doubt that PES 2012 is a step above its predecessor, but it’s also clear that the series has some ways to go yet. The single player game modes remain functional, but there’s nothing truly groundbreaking or exciting compared to last year’s effort. Online modes offer a wealth of options, with decidedly impressive competitive play structure in Master League and Legends, but a lack of online players is a concern. The game’s visuals are solid, but an odd and short soundtrack and limited commentary impact the overall presentation somewhat negatively. A lack of licenses has always been a concern for the series, but with many tools available to edit the game to your liking, this shouldn’t be a problem for dedicated fans. PES 2012 is an improvement over last year, but these are short strides that aren’t enough to make the title anything more than a good alternative – and it’s just that, an alternative.

Our ratings for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on Xbox 360 out of 100 (Ratings FAQ)
A realistic visual style works well, but audio shortcomings dilute the overall atmosphere somewhat.
The core gameplay is solid enough, but there are too many small problems on the field to overlook, resulting in an often unsatisfying overall experience.
Single Player
There are alot of modes on offer, which all function well but lack any real standout features or improvements.
Technically impressive online modes are a wonder to participate in, but a lack of players could be a real deterrent.
The players' animations are fairly limited and become predictable, refereeing is grossly inconstant and tackles are often over exaggerated. There is some lag during cutscenes and online play.
PES 2012 is a good, if not great, football sim title and remains a solid alternative. It will have an easy time pleasing existing fans, but converting the rest of the general gaming audience could prove to be difficult.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
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Our Review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is ranked #650 out of 1476 total reviewed games. It is ranked #83 out of 112 games reviewed in 2011.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
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