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Resistance 3 hands-on Preview - E3 2011

E3 11: We go hands-on with a taste of single player from the upcoming Resistance 3 shooter

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The Resistance franchise established a foothold for the PlayStation 3 in the FPS genre since it was first released. A shooter that set out to challenge the popularity of Xbox’s Halo, it never quite got there in terms of fanfare or sales, but it has gained a strong following and began quite synonymous with the PlayStation brand. After parts one and two, Resistance 3 aims to keep raising the bar for FPS games, and Sony hopes it would continue to drive the sales of the console. We’ve had a chance to sit down and play through a single player level during this year’s E3.
With the demo start, we found ourselves in the midst of combat, as our group of allies approached a town square. Suddenly, a dropship appeared, and began deploying the classic Resistance Chimera enemies. There wasn’t much time to see what types of baddies were being deployed, as the action got very intense, but from a quick glance it seemed to be quite a varied deployment.
Resistance 3
There were only a couple of guns on the map, and because it was a demo, it wasn’t possible to pick up new weapons from fallen enemies. Thus, your AI squadmates began helping with pushing back the assault, though they didn’t seem to do very much damage. The gunplay here was classic Resistance, with an assault rifle and the sidearm feeling and sounding like they should. Extra ammo and a sniper rifle was positioned on the roof of a small building in the middle of the square, and we made frequent trips there to re-arm.
Taking on the Chimera, we employed grenades (which the enemy was clever to dodge), and other flanking tactics. From the gameplay, it seemed that the AI has been improved, as it has been somewhat basic in its behavior in previous installments. The enemy also cleverly dodged flanking attempts, attacked in groups, and deployed shields on the battlefield. Once the area was finally clear, and the squad was about to advance, a roar was heard.
A giant ape-like monster came barreling down the street, smashing cars, and burst into the square. Immediately, the allies opened fire, and called out tips to avoid the charging attack. Sure enough, this Chimera performed a hard run forward, shoving everything in its wake. We made a dodge, and headed for the roof of the small building to re-supply, and also in hopes of avoiding its charge. Chimera enemies from the dropship never bothered to attack us while we were taking cover on top of the building, so we’d hoped the strategy would again let us fire upon the enemy while remaining in relative safety.
Resistance 3
Not so. While getting supplies, our back was turned to the big monster. A thunderous noise was heard, as we saw the creature jump onto the roof next to us. In a total adrenaline rush, we jumped off, and frantically began firing while running backwards. As noted by shouts of the squad, the beast had glowing weak spots. First attacking its arms, then legs, and finally the chest. While we were busy aiming our fire, the monster jumped back down to the surface and since it was too far to charge us, began hurling cars – but thus, it exposed its weak points on the chest.
When the beast has finally fallen, the demo concluded. From the looks of things, this is an entry in the long running franchise that will continue to elevate the series and try to set the bar for FPSes. The game also offers PS Move support (much like SOCOM 4, there will be a Sharpshooter bundle), and full 3D capability, which makes the game look great. Storyline also promises big things, as there is a new protagonist and the war against the Chimera has moved beyond saving for the human race. Resistance 3 is a promising title, and it has plenty of intrigue and classic gameplay for fans to look forward to.

Resistance 3
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Resistance 3
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