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Best of E3 2010

The list of the top games we saw this year

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The biggest show in the gaming industry is no laughing matter. We got a chance to see some great titles, and below is merely a handful of the awesome stuff at the show. Nonetheless, here are 10 titles that impressed us the most, along with some runners up. Since we really can't decide which of them is the better than the other, they are listed in alphabetical order!

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 has set out to exceed expectations on what is possible on consoles. Both console and PC players remain cautious, and rightly so, but we hope that when the game is finally released sometime this year, it will have been worth the wait. For everyone.
Preview: Read it now!
When: Q4, 2010

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The fans surely have a lot of expectations from this prequel. Eidos have set the bar fairly high for themselves, and so far the game looks great. The style of the game certainly shines through and the atmosphere is already well executed. We really hope to hear and see more about the game in the coming months, but for now, what we saw was huge potential.
Preview: Read it now!
When: Q1, 2011

Mafia 2

As one might expect, Mafia 2 will bring the modern day sandbox gameplay formula to the prestige gangster era of American 50s. The game still has much potential to discover, and as the August release date draws near, the anticipation and excitement from the fans and newcomers alike should only get bigger.
Preview: Read it now!
When: August 24, 2010

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

After watching the live demo and then trying the game, it is clear that Criterion are ready to return the franchise to its glory. Slick visuals combined with still simple yet refined and ultimately fun gameplay, Hot Pursuit looks to be a real contender for this holiday season.
Preview: Read it now!
When: November 16, 2010

Portal 2

With Portal 2, fans simply wanted more of the excellent gameplay and story from the original, but Valve will not take any shortcuts. The game will offer a new story, characters, and vastly different mechanics to further bend your mind and solve even more complicated puzzles.
Preview: Read it now!
When: Q1, 2011
The list continues on page 2....
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#2 Jul 5, 2010 20:15:37 (Jul 5, 2010 20:15)

All of these games are looking to be darn good
#1 Jul 5, 2010 06:43:39 (Jul 5, 2010 06:43)

Looking forward to The Witcher and the new Star Wars games. MGS looks good but it won't be the same without Snake.
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