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Platform: PC
Reviewed on PlayStation 3

Medal of Honor Beta Impressions

Takes plenty of influence from Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 but doesn't always capture the great aspects of either game.

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The chokepoints are smaller and closer together than any Bad Company 2 Rush map and it does seem to impact negatively on the game in both big and small player numbers. The chokepoints are especially bad because there is little foliage to cover your approach and almost no dust (good news) without explosions. The objectives require attackers to proceed through narrow openings each with clear views from defenders. Small player numbers means fewer distractions for defenders so they can easily see attackers move forward. Once player counts get large the constant barrage of scorechain attacks around the objectives kick up dust and allow the attackers to continually spawn on each other to win by attrition.

If you thought this was another chokepoint, you'd be right!

The recoil in the game is limited, even at long range full auto of weapons will be pretty accurate. Sniper rifles are still useful due to damage, some bolt action rifles kill in one shot and it’s very obvious when you are under fire from a sniper. The speed of the game is faster because of this low recoil, talk of increasing recoil of some weapons may balance things but it could also make encounters frustrating. Splash damage from explosives is also quite limited, the noob tube (grenade launcher) is present but you have to land it fairly close to get a kill. Even grenades, which are not the smooth to throw, have to land be pretty close to kill an enemy.

Although Medal of Honor multiplayer uses the Frostbite engine (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) the destruction is extremely limited. Trees will fall down and crates can be destroyed but the majority of the large objects in the world, like buildings, are static. A few cover points with rocks or bricks can be ruined with explosions but it doesn’t change the gameplay much at all like the previous DICE game. Using the Frostbite engine without the excellent destructive capabilities seems like a strange decision but perhaps it was done to reduce the system requirements.

Players will receive upgrades on a per class basis that will assist in combat scenarios. Sniper, Rifleman and Spec-ops all behave in a similar way in combat in that they all feel like an assault class. Even the Sniper is relatively successful in short ranges due to the high damage. Each class must be played a certain amount to unlock the same items that you probably already unlocked for the other classes. Basic unlocks include extra clips, red dot sights, hollow point ammo and silencers and at this stage you cannot pick up weapons from dead soldiers.

Yes my character died, but he's still celebrating with his hands!

Of course being a beta there a number of bugs and presentation issues that may or may not be fixed prior to release. The player models in particular look very poor and the ragdolls associated with their death are horrendous. A recent server patch seemed to reduce the frequency of them attaching unduly to the walls and twitching about. Ragdolls will sometimes pop into the air or get pushed backward unrealistically from a bullet to the head as though they’d been hit by a freight train. They may even rematerialize out of thin air from a victim killed many seconds ago as you move around the map.

There are dedicated servers but the server list is pretty unresponsive especially when joining a server. There are no pings listed once you are in a game and you can’t actually change any settings or exit the game without first spawning into the battlefield. Using the text chat is potentially very dangerous as it can completely freeze the player, death the only cure. There is no doubt some of these bugs are representative of a beta product and many little problems should be fixed in months if not weeks. Even still some perspective should be placed on this being open to the public for anybody who pre-orders the game.

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#7 Jul 29, 2010 21:50:33 (Jul 29, 2010 21:50)

They model it after it because its the most popular online shooter. Sounds reasonable on paper
#6 Jul 29, 2010 12:45:21 (Jul 29, 2010 12:45)

Wonder if they are gonna trickle out gamemodes for 12months.
#5 Jul 29, 2010 12:44:23 (Jul 29, 2010 12:44)

I don't understand why anyone would model a game off the design of MW2s MP.  Remove the leveling mechanic(gimmick) and you have a repetative and broken game with nill fun factor.
#4 Jul 28, 2010 04:30:02 (Jul 28, 2010 04:30)

Most of the BF games were insanely fun so players could overlook the array of bugs. I didn't really get that level of fun from MoH and yet it still has all those bugs and then some.
#3 Jul 26, 2010 11:12:39 (Jul 26, 2010 11:12)

Even with mp being the only real focus, not a single BF game has ever had a smooth launch, 1942 didn't have audio in mp till two patches in.  bc2 didn't even let you play for the first two weeks.  Dice is not presenting their games to the standard out their today.(even if the underlying design is ten times better than competition.)  Polish should be their new years resolution.  I hear this beta plays closer to a alpha with a glut of technical bugs that shouldn't be present at this point in developement.
#2 Jul 24, 2010 19:06:00 (Jul 24, 2010 19:06)

They are only working on multiplayer for this one.
#1 Jul 23, 2010 14:48:29 (Jul 23, 2010 14:48)

Dice has a bad rep for launching games in unplayable or unfinished states, so don't hold your breath for the MP to be good during the month of october, but around december they should have most the issues fixed and all the gamemodes unlocked  ^_^
Medal of Honor
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Our Review of Medal of Honor
Reviewed on PlayStation 3
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Medal of Honor (PlayStation 3) is ranked #262 out of 1659 total reviewed games. It is ranked #31 out of 107 games reviewed in 2010.
261. Medal of Honor
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262. Medal of Honor
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