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Game of the Year Awards 2009

Check out our Editor's picks for the past year! See our Best and Worst Games of 2009!

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Genre Awards

Best Driving Game:
Great gameplay mechanics combined with excellent visuals and presentation helped Dirt 2 edge out the competition at the finish line and become the best driving game of 2009.
Honorable Mentions:
Best Platformer:
There were not many games this year in this category, but Mirror's Edge takes his award for trying something completely new. While the trial and error gameplay wasn't very polished, it was still the most innovative and best platformer this year.
Honorable Mentions:
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Best Shooter:
Successfully combining shooting with RPG mechanics, with the addition of very fun Co-op and tons of randomly generated loot, Borderlands was a standout shooter and the best for the year.

Honorable Mentions:
Best Action Game:
The action is smooth in Uncharted 2, big moments like riding aboad a moving train or shooting inside a falling building breathe pure class.
Honorable Mentions:
Best Strategy Game:
Not only did Dawn of War II have the best visual presentation and the most polished, well balanced gameplay of any strategy game this year, it also featured an innovative, unique single player campaign that successfully blended RTS gameplay with action RPG elements, making it the best of the year. 
Honorable Mentions:
Best Adventure Game:
Nathan Drake is an everyday hero, one who is at home when making jokes in dangerous situations. He is a genuine character and attempts to do the right thing even if it gets him in trouble and it’s hard to not like him.

Honorable Mentions:
Best RPG:
The competition wasn’t exactly tough this year, but Dragon Age stood out of the crowd like a shining star, some heavy moral choices and some wonderful characters who are easy to get attached too.
Honorable Mentions:
Best Sports Game:
By brining the best of the previous years and making some core changes to the gameplay, NHL 10 wins the close-fought battle for our sports game of the year.

Honorable Mentions:
Best Simulation:
Simply put, the most realistic military tactical shooter to be released this year. ArmA 2 had a few issues at launch, but it was still a very hardcore and true-to-life experience that many military fans appreciated.

Honorable Mentions:
America's Army 3
Best Puzzle Game:
Though it has a standard tower defense formula, mixing it with a wonderfully weird and creative premise truly enhances the experience and makes it one of the best and most memorable puzzle games of the year.

Honorable Mentions:
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#7 Jan 10, 2010 22:02:52 (Jan 10, 2010 22:02)

I think it's best to keep in mind the fact that this was put together by all of us writers and most of us aren't able to play every game that came out over the last year or even every AAA title. I've heard only great things about Arkhum Asylum, but I am one of the contributors yet to play it so I can't accurately judge it.  We had to go off of what we played.  Before this awards list, I hadn't even heard of Cryostasis, but being the story-junkie that I am, I'm going to check it out after this.
#6 Jan 10, 2010 21:45:27 (Jan 10, 2010 21:45)

I have to say that the awards i agree with the most are the ones Modern Warfare won, thank you guys for realizing that that game is just a decent game not the second coming of Jesus Christ on a disk, it has already come and its called orange box
#5 Jan 10, 2010 17:33:28 (Jan 10, 2010 17:33)

@kamikaziechameleon: batman was a runner up in a number of categories and just missed out on a few wins. I too would have liked to have seen it win more.
#4 Jan 10, 2010 16:58:58 (Jan 10, 2010 16:58)

 Good choices all around, i'm a little surprised at Dragon Age winning best atmosphere though. 
#3 Jan 10, 2010 11:00:37 (Jan 10, 2010 11:00)

 I agree with 99% of things but I'm sad to not see Batman AA in a single catagory.  That was my favorite game.
#2 Jan 10, 2010 04:26:07 (Jan 10, 2010 04:26)

We tried our best to come up with fair winners for each category so hopefully you guys enjoy it.
#1 Jan 10, 2010 04:14:12 (Jan 10, 2010 04:14)

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