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Battlefield 1943 Review (360)

Boiling down the classic Battlefield formula, 1943 brings the big action of its predecessors to consoles while remaining accessible to any FPS fan, making it one of the best downloadable titles of the current generation.

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With absolutely no single player component to speak of, it’s all about the multiplayer in Battlefield 1943, and thankfully, it shines. With the ability to group up into squads and spawn at both controlled points as well as squadmates in the heat of battle, team play is rewarded and encouraged on both a team-wide scale and an individual scale as additional points are rewarded for aiding your teammates in battle and the larger the group of players near an enemy point, the less time it takes to be captured. This all can make for a great experience, but as is the case with so many team based games, it can be quickly hampered depending on those you are playing with. Voice chat works within squads only and as such it can be a helpful tool as long as those who you are playing with have a microphone… and the voice chat decides to work. As is the case with a few of EA DICE’s titles (like Battlefield: Bad Company), the voice chat is sporadic and low quality on a much more regular basis than is desirable. This will lead to frustration as you spend lots of time trying to figure out if it’s the game, your microphone, your internet connection, or squad, etc. Although this seems like something that could be rather easily patched (as has been entirely remedied in Battlefield: Bad Company 2), at the time of my last playthrough the problem persisted.
Voice chat problems aside, Battlefield 1943 performs well on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with a consistently smooth frame rate and clean, effective controls. Although they tend to be few and far between, the game has its small share of bugs that’ll get you killed a few more times than you’d like. These glitches aren’t common enough to limit the game in any sizeable fashion and tend to be flukes rather than anything endlessly troubling.

Overall, EA DICE has crafted one of the most fully-fledged, best looking, and most action packed downloadable titles ever released. For its low price point (around $15), Battlefield 1943 offers an FPS experience that plays and looks like a full retail release that is limited only in terms of its overall content. This is an absolute must buy for any console FPS fan looking for a something new to fill the void between the AAA titles. If their experience is anything like mine, the hours will start to dwindle away as the fun and the action keeps on coming.

Our ratings for Battlefield 1943 on Xbox 360 out of 100 (Ratings FAQ)
All of the graphical prowess expected from a full retail release (only in a downloadable title) that suffers from an overall lack of variety and less-than-inspiring character models
The classic Battlefield formula boiled down to its bare necessities. Strategic and exciting, what you get here is great but ultimately, you don’t get all that much
Single Player
The classes and vehicles are balanced and varied. The team play is great, but a botched voice chat and squad system makes it harder than it should be to really bring your A-game
The strong frame rate and effects suffer from occasional bugs and the unstable voice chat, both of which will get you killed more often than you’d like
Battlefield 1943 gives the Battlefield formula an arcade makeover, making the game accessible to everyone without watering down the action. EA DICE has set the new standard for low-cost and downloadable titles
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Battlefield 1943
Battlefield 1943 box art Platform:
Xbox 360
Our Review of Battlefield 1943
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Game Ranking
Battlefield 1943 is ranked #306 out of 1624 total reviewed games. It is ranked #21 out of 69 games reviewed in 2009.
305. Battlefield 1943
PlayStation 3
306. Battlefield 1943
307. Risen
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Battlefield 1943
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