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Ubisoft to relax Driver SF DRM after fan feedback

After a negative outlash for the delay and DRM found in Driver PC version, the publisher is making changes

Posted by Alex 'SpectralShock' V on Aug 17, 2011 - 2:11pm EST (Aug 17, 2011 14:11)

As was revealed last week, the PC version of Driver: San Francisco was not only delayed for weeks after the console release, but was also set to include controversial Always-online DRM. That seems to have changed.

Word is,
Rock Paper Shotgun has recieved an email from Ubisoft that explains the developer's plan to adjust the DRM used for the game. Instead of requiring players to be constantly connected to the Internet in order to play, the title will instead now need users to sign in before playing the game each time. After the online log-on, the game can be played offline.

"We’ve heard your feedback regarding the permanent internet connection requirement for Driver and have made the decision to no longer include it. So this means that Driver PC gamers will only need to sign in at game launch but can subsequently choose to play the game offline," said the email.

This may not be the optimal solution, but it eliminates the most frustrating part of the DRM - as your game will no longer shut down if the internet connectivity is lost. It's also a significant step for the industry, as Ubisoft actually takes action on their DRM methods based on feedback.

Driver: San Francisco is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 6th, and to PC on September 27th.


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SpectralShock - 3 hours ago
Next up, the big show - E3 in June!
SpectralShock - 6 days ago
PAX East this weekend
Captain_Mark87 - 31 days ago
Titanfall has eaten all my spare time!!!
SpectralShock - 41 days ago
Lots of reviews coming this and next week!
with_teeth26 - 46 days ago
The first great challenge of Dark Souls 2 is determining the PC release date
Captain_Mark87 - 54 days ago
Titanfall was super fun. Strider review coming at you soon.
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