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Killing Floor Review

A simple concept well executed, Killing Floor will appeal to those who simply enjoy shooting zombies

Posted by (with_teeth26) on
How much you enjoy Killing Floor, and how long you play it for, will be governed by one simple factor: how much do you enjoy killing zombies? If the simple act of shooting a variety of shambling, groaning monstrosities in the face is enough to hold your interest, you will find Killing Floor to be a diverse and highly entertaining experience with limitless replay value. If you want more depth to a game with more competitive modes and varied objectives, you will probably want to look at the Left 4 Dead series to get your co-operative zombie-killing thrills.
Killing Floor started its life as a simple mod, and its lineage shows with dated visuals and basic sound effects and voice acting. There is also no story or background information to speak of; you are simply dropped into a variety of levels and told to fend off increasingly large waves of enemies. Luckily there are a ton of embellishments to this simple formula, the 6-player co-operative play being the most prominent among them.
Killing Floor
The structure of Killing Floor's one game mode is simple but fairly interesting. You start each round with only a pistol and a small amount of money. As you kill enemies, you earn more money. This money can be spent on improved weapons, armour, ammunition and explosives, but these purchases can only be made at the end of each wave in a store. If you die, you lose your equipment but it remains on your body so you can return and re-equip. There are also random weapon and armour drops throughout levels, although you will never find the more powerful weapons lying around.
You will choose a perk at the beginning of each round, which can be changed later on as the situation dictates. The perk you choose will majorly factor into your play style, since each perk not only increase your effectiveness with a certain set of weapons, but it will also reduce the cost of these weapons from the store which opens up at the end of each wave for a limited period of time. As you use each perk, you will level that perk up which will increase its effectiveness. For instance, a level one perk might give you an 8% increase in damage with a certain type of weapon and -8% off the cost of that weapon type. As you level this perk up, the amount of damage dealt will increase and the cost of the weapons will be reduced. This means that as you play more you will become more powerful which can increase your ability to play on higher difficult settings in longer games.

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Killing Floor
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Killing Floor
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